bayliner_outboardIf you are interested in getting a boat motor like the suzuki outboard motors, you might wonder what exactly you’re looking at. Here is some information to help you make a decision. An outboard motor is a system that propels a boat through the water. It is a self contained system that includes an engine, a gearbox and a propeller. What makes a outboard motor unique is it’s design. It’s made to be affixed to the transom or back of the hull. They are most commonly used on smaller boats to not only propel the boat but also steer the vessel through the water.

While some motors are not made for use in salt water, an outboard motor is much more versatile. You can use it in any kind of water. The horsepower varies anywhere from 2.5 to 300 HP per engine.

There are two types of these motors. Two-stroke and four-stroke engines each have pros and cons that one should consider before buying an outboard motor.



  • -Lighter and accelerate faster
  • -Less expensive
  • -Easier to repair


  • More pollution and smoke
  • Must mix gas and oil
  • Noisier than four-stroke



  • -Quieter and smoother idle
  • -Less pollution and smoke
  • -Able to use in any type of water
  • -No mixing gas and oil


  • -Heavier
  • -Expensive to repair
  • -Not as many trained mechanics
  • -Harder to transport or position unless you have a stand

So which engine should you choose? If you have a larger budget, you don’t want the hassle of mixing gas and oil, weight is not an issue and/or you want a smoother quieter engine, then the four-stroke engine is for you. If you are not required to operate in a “4-stroke only” body of water, you have a limited budget, you want more power with less weight, and/or you want something that can be modified and repaired easily, then the two-stroke engine is for you. There is no clear winner in this comparison. Depending on your situation, either of these engines could be good for you.

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