BEVERLY HILLS, CA Skin MD Natural, a revolutionary face moisturizer in the cosmetic dry skin care industry and considered as one of the best skin care products available today, has just announced its newest product, Skin MD Natural SPF 15.

“It really is medicine for my dry skin. Soaks in easily, leaving my skin soft and moisturized without feeling greasy or wet. I use it on my face and around my eyes. When I travel this is the ONE lotion that I MUST HAVE with me. My husband uses it and swears his skin hasn’t been this soft since he was a child. You won’t be disappointed.” –DK

In a recent study conducted by the International Society of Dermatology, of 994 subjects who answered (495 men and 499 women), 44.6% declared having “sensitive” or “very sensitive” skin, revealing a high prevalence of sensitive skin in the USA. Sensitive skin is mainly associated with dry skin, fair skin, reactivity to climatic and environmental factors, and cosmetics.  American dermatologists seem largely involved in the care of this condition.

21st Century Formulations, a research-based skin care organization in Beverly Hills, CA, recently discovered a new formula which now not only strengthens the skin’s own natural barrier but found to be extremely effective as a face moisturizer and primer for dry skin, prior to applying any cosmetic foundation to one’s face.

Their product, Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion, is now being used by medical spas throughout the country as a trusted healing remedy to revitalize dry skin back to its natural beauty after deep cleaning facials simply because it is considered the best moisturizer for dry skin and the best skin care product available.

Dr. Lisa Benest, board-certified dermatologist states, “In my practice in dermatology I see many incidents of contact dermatitis, where the natural coating has been stripped just from daily use of soaps and other irritants. So at that point any kind of chemical can enter into the skin and cause contact dermatitis. We see this as red dry itchy skin. Now shielding lotions such as Skin MD will help restore that barrier and then maintain that barrier even after hand washing so that it’s protected against any harsh chemicals that our skin may come in contact with. It is an excellent dry skin treatment product.”

Formulated with a special blend of five natural plant extracts that provides dry skin with unbeatable moisture while being lightweight and non-greasy, Skin MD Natural lotion is also committed to protecting the environment. Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 lotions are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing.

Skin MD Natural is the top selling natural shielding lotion that uses only the finest quality ingredients due to its ability to be the best moisturizer for dry skin. To learn more about how Skin MD Natural can heal dry skin visit

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